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Senior Product Designer @ Cloud Tech startup with $300MM+ funding, fun culture, the "David" vs Goliath

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 02-21-2019
It's a classic David versus Goliath story.

Our client is a dynamic startup in the Cloud Tech space - the "David" in the market that successfully competes with the big Google and Amazon "Goliaths". They boast a whopping overall $300MM+ in funding, and a die-hard Developer user-base who very much feel a part of their tight-knit, pro-human and pro-developer mission.

They are seeking a fulltime SENIOR PRODUCT DESIGNER with enterprise software / large platform experience to join their close-knit team in their downtown office, where their branding and fun, friendly vibes permeate every square inch. They are expanding and growing their product offerings right now, so they're on a huge wave of growth, and someone with an entrepreneurial, always-launching / iterating mindset, as well as an above-average ability to work collaboratively with Product + Dev, would be well-placed here, especially in this exciting snapshot in time there.

Their culture is a huge selling point. It's the kind of place where someone apologizes when they schedule a 5pm meeting, and where they have fun office-decorating parties and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Did we mention catered lunch every day? And they really care about their staff's personal and professional evolution - they have a dedicated team for the employee experience, and leadership training for new managers, or managers looking to hone their skills and take it to the next level. It's a really special place, and the vibe there feels like family.

Their end users are developers using their Cloud services, versus them housing their own server on their own rack. This is a close-knit, highly-engaged user community who enjoys our client's intuitive simplicity and custom-tailored solutions to their particular challenges. You could call their user base "zealots" for the products and service they provide.

Which is where you come in! You'll be a key member of the Product Design team dedicated to making the developer experience as seamless as possible, continuing to enhance the "less is more" aesthetic, creating intuitive dashboards, and rolling out new features. And internally, you'll be maintaining and evolving the Design Library - you are ecosystem minded, and have a track record in co-creating Design Systems that are easy to use for both designers and in-house devs.

You'll be reporting to the Manager of Product Design, who is a beloved, longtime, and well-respected member of their community, who serves as the company's "diplomat" to all segments of the company, ensuring everyone is on the same page and gets their buy-in around new initiatives and company direction. (Liking who your manager is in a new role is huge, and so this is a big selling point, too!)

Being able to "talk tech" is great, or having experience working within a tech-heavy environment, so you have a better-than-most track record of deeply connecting with and designing for this unique user base who value simplicity overall as the differentiating factor in their platform decision-making. If you have some dev skills yourself, all the better - it's not required for the role, but can be a plus in understanding your audience. 

Comp is competitive salary + bonus + stock options.

What you'll be doing:
●  Collaborating with other designers and developers to use, curate, and expand their design system.
●  Planning and running collaborative sessions to facilitate creativity, problem framing, and alignment of
strategic direction.
●  Discovering insights through continuous customer, user, and stakeholder engagement.
●  Testing your designs with users. Iterating on your designs when they don't work.
●  Owning design for a primary product, but understanding its role as part of a larger product suite.
●  Finding new ways for the design team to succeed through process refinement and adaptation.
●  Identifying potential roadblocks and working with team leads to find a collaborative solution.
●  Participating in regular design reviews with the Product Design team, providing valuable critique and guidance.
●  Rapidly prototyping interactions and experiences to communicate research findings and design intent.
●  Hanging out with our friendly design team! :)
About you:

●  You have a portfolio of detailed, thoughtful case studies of work you have designed and launched, and you have success metrics around it you can share freely and easily
●  You can design user-flows, prototypes and interactions for complex, highly technical systems.
●  You have professional experience designing transactional productivity applications.
●  You have demonstrated repeated use of research methods to both get to the right design and get the
design right.
●  You make design decisions supported by design theory, research data, business goals, and team
●  You obsess over the details and keep the user at the center of your work.
●  Expertise in either interaction or visual design, and the ability to understand what each one brings to the
●  You have experience partnering with engineers and understand how to collaborate with them.
●  You are a self-starter, someone who feels responsible for their work and knows how to ask for help and
guidance when needed.
●  You are comfortable presenting and explaining your work, and have experience fostering a
user-centered mindset in cross-functional teams.
●  You are curious, and love to learn new things.
●  Hands on experience designing B2B, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Open Source and/or workflow-management products a plus.

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